Monday, March 14, 2011

Meet my BJDs

Time to introduce my resin children. Collecting ball jointed dolls is quite a niche hobby, it's expensive and oddly addicting. However, I find making doll clothes a great hobby to pass the time, the fabric it consumes is very little and I can make whatever I want. Some people find it strange that I collect dolls, but I believe we all have our own views of what we find beautiful. Whether you collect BJDs or something else, do it because You love it. To each their own!

Time for me to introduce the dolls I own!

Volks MSDG Myu (Pureskin)
Height: 17"
Face-up: by me
Birthday: May 30
Zephyria is the older of my fraternal twins.

Named after the west wind Zephyr from Greek mythology, I would say she is the most spunky of the trio I have. Something about her face sculpt that's very inviting and demanding at the same time! I bought her on my first trip to Japan in 2008. My sister and I went to the Volks showroom in Akihabara and I bought the MSD kit that I liked most there. She had to swipe her credit card for me cause it was too much for mine to handle! LOL I paid her back a few weeks after though. 
She was bought as a kit from Volks, I had to build and construct her from her parts. She is the model with the S-hook and elastic system in her head, before the company discontinued this mold for the new '08 Renewal, which featured magnets in the head and cap. Stringing was an interesting challenge! I wasn't sure what kind of tension I needed in order for her arms to do some simple posing.

Volks MSDB Ken ('10 Renewal)
Height: 17"
Face-up: by me
Birthday: May 30
Ventus is the younger of my fraternal twins.

I knew from a the time I bought Zephy, that I wanted to get a boy too, but I definitely could not afford him then. So, after many years, I finally got him. I asked my sister to get him when she went to Japan in early 2011. He is also another DIY kit from Volks, and I like that they give you the option to build your own doll. You can customize it however you like. I really loved his face when I saw it in person. So adorable! He kind of looks like a girl though, what do you think?
Going with the wind theme as I did with Zephyria, I named him Ventus, which in latin means Wind. Did I name him after Ventus from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep? No. LOL Definitely not, it's just a coincidence.
I would say Ven is shy and sweet. He also has a cute plush chicken that he won't let anyone else have. :)

DollnDoll Heart MO ('10 Release)
Height: 10"
Face-up: Default
Birthday: December 29
My sweet Delilah! She was impulse purchase from Den of Angels. I bought her 2nd hand from another member and I really loved her face sculpt, and I definitely thought she was the cutest thing when she arrived! I wanted to get a Tiny..but didn't plan to get one so soon, but the deal was fair and too good to pass up at the time.
She's a bit springy with her stringing, but it's something I'm willing to be patient to fix when I'm posing her. She looks so cute in her ducky's like she's a stuffed animal I can hug. :) I have a lot of old re-ment sets from the time my sister and I started collecting them...which is the perfect scale for a Tiny.
Delilah is somewhat shy but is curious and loves to go explore.

That concludes my introduction to my small doll family! I've got my sister into collecting dolls my kiddies will have aunties! What have I done? LOL...

Pictures courtesy of Jan.BP. :)


  1. Beautiful little collection you have there, thanks for sharing! I like the wind themed names for your twins.

  2. @ Patty : Haha..mhmm another Auntie is coming this week!

    @ Chimerical Princess: Thank you! *hug* <3


    anyways i didn't know where the names came from - very cool bp!!

    Yes...names are hard to come up with! @__@;