Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Testing out the waters

So, I'm still trying to get the hang of this system, but it seems much easier than LiveJournal. I completely brain freezed when it came to LJ...*Fail*

What to post about...my friend Alice, has managed to convince me to start blogging again. Considering I barely log much on DevArt anymore...we'll see how this goes. I'm still wondering how I should adjust my settings considering, I've had my fair share or too many random people leaving comments or messages for me that I do not appreciate. Bleh.

Latest BJD fun would be my Kuma outfits, based on the Rilakkuma series. I'm hoping that Alice and I will have a super cute PJ party once I get my Tiny. Whenever that will be...funds are lacking!

They are super cute! My dolls are just sitting on their chair on my desk right now in their bear suits...it's so amusing!

Now, it's time to eat lunch and continue sewing a teddybear for my old colleague. Hopefully it turns out well :)


  1. Wahhhhh! Those kuma suits are soooo adorable!!! Hahaha i kind of want one myself, to run around in xD...the image in my head is awesome hahahaha. ;u; if only i could live the adorable life of rilakkuma!

    Hurr hurr hurr, keep blogging! I will keep stalking!

  2. Haha, stalk away! I commented on Alice's blog for a bit under "anonymous", but I left my name in the posts...she told me to stop stalking her. HAHA Too bad...so sad ;)

    HAHA I know right? I wish I had Kuma PJs....*__*

  3. *stalks*

    oh wait... I have an account...
    fail >__>"