Saturday, March 5, 2011

The things in life

Time to blog about the random new things I've acquired lately. My sister came back from one of her flights and gave me this!

Well, just the mushrooms, not the crown of the weird plush hat/top thing...they're salt and pepper shakers :) Probably the only mushrooms in my life that are reasonable since I have this large hatred towards mushrooms. I avoid them like the plague. LOL
They're highly amusing and cute though...they sit on my desk and just keep smiling.

Another thing my sister gave me were these green tea flavored Kit Kat bars. She got them from Japan...and I don't like eating this was a weird venture for me. She said it didn't taste like I gave it a try. It wasn't bad. It just tasted tea ice cream, just not cold...and a bit harder.

I recently went to Winners with my mom for to look for cups. She's pretty picky about the type of cup she wants for her coffee and I don't bother making a fuss about it. Anyways...after standing there for an hour, I found some really cute cups, one with sheep on it and the other with dogs. Mom picked up a bunch of cups cause she wasn't sure how much coffee it would she was going to buy them, test how much water it held, if it didn't work, return them.
As we walked by...I saw this cute sugar container....

It was next to the creamer, and I was thinking, "Ooooh that's cute! It's short and fat." Somehow...ended up getting the whole set with the tea pot cause I didn't want to buy just the sugar container and abandon the creamer :( I noticed that the set was made for the Victoria and Albert Museum. I was impressed. It wasn't that expensive and it's not made of bone china, but I think it's pretty cute. Only drawback is that the tea pot doesn't have a strainer in the spout, so I won't be able to use loose tea leaves...unless I buy some gizmo for it.

 Zephyria says "Hi!", Ventus is day dreaming again...

Still continuing with "The list", and the clothes I'll be making for my BJDs. :) I still haven't thought about what kind of cosplays I want to do this year. Oh well..I still need to get together with my friend to have some photoshoots.
 I went to Michael's a couple days ago and found these super cute chairs for my dolls! They weren't too expensive and think they look really nice. I have 3 chairs now...and only 2 dolls...Oh well, I guess stock up the extra chair for a rainy day for whenever I get my next BJD. Finding a chair to the right scale is so difficult.

Finally have access to the marketplace on DoA. This might be my doom..


  1. I love those mushrooms, so cute ^_^
    Ohhh those kit kat tea bars are one of my fave, it combined out of my two most fave things!

  2. and I thought you had beef with mushrooms.. lol
    but they're sooo cute!!! :)

  3. @Bunnie: Aww thanks. They are amusing aren't they? I still have a couple more boxes of the Kitkat bars...I'm going to ration them until I go to Japan again :)

    @Kumajan: You finally got a blogger?! I still have lots of beef against mushrooms, they're super scary....and gross. But these ones are acceptable, so is the mushroom from Super Mario. XD!