Saturday, March 19, 2011

BJD Face ups..Hm...

I got more mail today! So exciting when I get mail :) 
I purchased a 100/0 Artetje brush from a member on DoA. I love it, it's probably the thinnest brush I've ever used/seen. Thanks to Alice for showing it to me with the comparison to a needle!!
The eyes, that's for a surprise for later. Anyone take a guess for what they are for?

Sorry about the bad lazy and decided not to edit the pic in photoshop...

So I decided to test out the new brush! It's pretty amazing, however I found it took me a good 30 mins before I got the hang of doing decent brush stroke for the eyelashes. I've been wanting to fix the face ups on Zephyria and Ventus for here's Zephy!

I wanted to fix her lashes and see how it would be if I 'opened' them up. It's quite a different look! I then went in and removed the old lashes and redid them. Took awhile since I don't do face ups a lot. Then added the small points on the mouth to define her smile. I wish I had long luscious lashes like hers... >__<;

On other news, mom bought me a winter jacket today. We've been stalking this particular jacket for weeks now waiting for it to go on sale. LOL I know, so cheap and asian, but I wasn't Dying to have I told mom to wait. After a couple weeks, it got marked down from $149 to $119!! However, they had a size 8 left in the Petite section...
Got it anyways since it should be pretty easy to take it in! The size 6 at the store fit me pretty well a bit of tweaking will be ok. The sales associate there thought I was a size 2 or 4. LOL When I told her I was trying on the 8, her eyes bugged out like this: O__O

Going to be going on a trip soon...I haven't started packing yet :( Nor have I completed the Poring army! Boo!! Gotta get cracking on that...almost there!

Sis got her Volks SD16 Daria a couple days ago! SHE'S HUGE. Towers over my resin children. XD
Ventus barely comes up to her elbow!! And Delilah...ohh so tiny Delilah! She came up to her knee cap...LOL

"Auntie Saber and Auntie Alisanne meet Ventus and Delilah"

Ven: "Is this thing a hat?"
 Photos taken from my sister's Flickr.

That's it for my update today! Hopefully something exciting happens before my trip that I can blog about :)
See ya!

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